Poem of the Week (Poem, History, Analysis)

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1. Poem

A car’s tires thu-thunk
over the rubbery black trip wire at the oil change,
triggering a fat bell,
and a group of girls in silver leotards are reflected
like spatters of sap in its windows —
liquidine, firm, gleaming.
It’s a Game Day; they are the girls
chosen to split in tempo to the brass band,

Poem of the Week (Poem, Analysis, and History)

The Fisherman and the Siren. Source: Ebay

— 1. The Poem —

“The Fisherman” was written in 1779 by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, a German writer, poet, and playwright. Because the original is written in German, this poem, among others, had to be translated. Below are the three most prominent (and my favorite) translations of…

The story of two paleontologists who had a bone to pick

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  1. Basic Info/The Google Answer
  2. The Lives of Marsh and Cope
  3. How Did the Rivalry Begin?
  4. The Story
  5. What Happened? Who Won?
  6. Fun Facts about Paleontology
  7. Sources

1. Basic Info/The Google Answer

‘The Google Answer’ provides a short overlook of the main questions: what were the Bone Wars? Who was involved? Who won…

I tried to take a break, but Medium kept calling…

Photo Credit: Moonpig

Hey, loves, this is a short reintroduction article to anyone who might be new to this small corner of Medium or has been waiting for me to post again.

I have no excuses for why my publications on Medium have remained stagnant — only that I felt my work had…

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Olivia Belli is an Italian pianist and composer currently living in Marche, Italy where she is inspired by the scenic landscape and intimate relationship she observes with nature. Her style is influenced by Bach, Chopin, Max Richter, Ludovico Einaudi, but other disciplines such as poetry and dance have also contributed…

Photo Credit: Garreth Brooke Piano

Garreth Brooke is a British-German composer and pianist. He’s released music with 1631 Recordings, THESIS, Bigo & Twigetti, and Les Disques de l’Accalmie as well as sheet music with Editions Musica Ferrum for the acclaimed album, Healing. He often uses the pen name Garreth Broke and frequently collaborates with his…

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After the 2021 inauguration of Joe Biden, I started looking through my old poems and found this one I wrote as a sixth grader in 2017. The thing about writing a political piece as a kid is that you have no allegiance to either side of the political spectrum. So…

Julia Rose Harmon

The writer of the new poetry book “The Same Kind of Different.”

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