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After the 2021 inauguration of Joe Biden, I started looking through my old poems and found this one I wrote as a sixth grader in 2017. The thing about writing a political piece as a kid is that you have no allegiance to either side of the political spectrum. So in the wake of perpetual unrest, I hope you realize that as sixth graders, American kids can complain more calmly than the people who run our country.

We’re CNN, a super cool new’s crew,
coming to check out a species of the few:
A big, baffling, bigot buffoon
located off the shores of…

Written by Julia Rose Harmon and Edited by Laurin Baker

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“Love is lak de sea. It’s uh movin’ thing, but still and all, it takes its shape from de shore it meets, and it’s different with every shore.”

It is a universally acknowledged truth that glass is a solid, yet just as the concept of darkness and the concept of love, it is a truth misunderstood. While glass is normally viewed as a solid, its ability to contort and fill vacancies when heated causes it to have the joint designation of solid and a liquid. A phenomenon of human nature…

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To remain nonpartisan, I have split each of the following sections into two parts, one that relays events from China’s perspective and one that relays events from Taiwan’s perspective.

Note: To find my source for a particular piece of information, click any underlined text or scroll to the bottom of the article to review all of my sources.

Table of Contents

Section One: China

1. Basic Facts About China

2. A Brief History of China

Section Two: Taiwan

1. Basic Facts About Taiwan

2. A Brief History of Taiwan

Section Three:

1. The Conflict Between China and Taiwan

Section Four: Sources

Section One: China

1. Basic Facts About China

— You Won’t Expect the EndingBy Julia Rose Harmon —

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Alex is a fifteen year old Nadsat (teenager), criminal, and Friend and Humble Narrator in Antony Burgess’s A Clockwork Orange — a novel that explores a world of teenage sadists in dystopian England. Throughout A Clockwork Orange (ACO), Burgess proves that humans must choose goodness for the act to be truly righteous. “Does God want goodness or the choice of goodness? Is a man who chooses the bad perhaps in some way better than a man who has the good imposed upon him?” (106).

In ACO, Burgess argues that once a person loses their free will, they are no longer…

Ben Laver’s Instagram

1. What genre of music do you like scoring for?

I suppose with my line of work in media, the aim is to be able to score in any genre thrown at me, whether that’s blockbuster orchestral, grime, jazz or rock. That said, I’m much more at home with emotional driving music — music that tells a story like Neo-classical, piano led. I do try not to think of my scores as stuck in any one genre though and just write what comes to me with the instruments around me.

2. If you could write/could have written for any show or movie, what would it be?

This is hard one because I take a lot of inspiration from the shows and films I’ve watched so thinking…

This photo was taken after the arrival of TR4 in Columbia in 2019. Before then, the new strain had not been present in the Americas.

What is Tropical Race Four?

Tropical Race 4 (TR4) is a fungus that infects, wilts, and eventually kills banana trees and the individual bananas. The four key characteristics of the disease are below.
1. Resistant to fungicides
2. Soil-borne
3. Causes wilting and death in bananas
4. Also known as the Panama disease, Banana Wilt, and TR4

How Does it Work?

Panama disease spreads through the roots and wounds of banana plants. This fungus blocks nutrients from flowing into the plant that it will ultimately kill and corrupt the soil. In some plants, it simply remains dormant inside of the pseudostems and infects the plant through wounds.

1. “How did you guys meet? What’s the story?”

Luke messaged me looking for someone to either drum or play guitar in a new project he was starting, so it was myself and Luke writing for a while (one of the first songs we wrote was ‘Up All Night’). We then pulled in some other members (including Will), we then recorded our first EP (‘Painted Gold’). From then we have recorded 2 new singles (‘Fair Weather Friend’ and ‘Out Of Reach’) with Seb Barlow.

2. “I love your song ‘Fair Weather Friend!’ Can you talk about the experiences that shaped the tone of the song?”

It is about friends that have let you down in the past and coping with that. It is based on personal experiences.

3. “What is the one take-away that you want your fans to walk away with after they listen to your music?”

It will be…

Planet Mercury is an American band that formed in 2017 with heavy influences from the early 2000s rock and punk styles. The bandmates (Pat, bass; Michaela, guitar; Chris, Drums; Jerry, Guitar and Vocals) are all twenty-four and are working on a debut album!

A Fun Fact About Each Band Member:

  • Jerry can’t swim.
  • Pat loves to hike and camp.
  • Michaela is a big fan of rock climbing.
  • Chris, along with the drums, is also an amazing guitar player.

To the Bandmates:

Thanks for doing this interview, guys! Hope you come to South Carolina when you start to tour again!


(If you need help studying for AP Human Geography, click this).

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The Major Religions and Important Vocab

(If you’re not here to study for AP Human Geography, skip ahead to “Quick Information About the Five Major Religions”).

If you’re reading this for AP Human Geography, the first thing you need to know is that while you should become familiar with the top five major religions, the AP exam multiple choice section is not going to be heavily focused on religion, other than a few questions. However, you might have a FRQ (free response question) that requires you to talk in depth about religion, so it’s important to at least know basic information about the topic.

The five…

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Dedicated to Dad, who always loved the love station.

Table of Contents
— — — — — — —

- The History of Valentine’s Day
1. The Origins of Valentine’s Day.
2. How Valentine’s Day Affects the Economy.
3. How do Different Countries Celebrate Valentine’s Day?
4. Valentine’s Day Fun Facts.

- Art, Poems, Songs, and Books
1. Best Love Poems (Top Three)
2. Best Love Songs (Top Three)
3. Best Love Books (Top Three)
4. Best Love Art (Top Three)

The History of Valentine’s Day

Julia Rose Harmon

The writer of the new poetry book “The Same Kind of Different.”

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